The Open Dental Community was born under the form of a club for researchers in the field of dentistry, implantologists and dental technicians, interested in sharing experiences and expanding their knowledge.
It was officially founded on 31st of October 2016 in Luxembourg.
Promotion of a life learning concept and constant improvement of the global dental knowledge and skills were announced as the main goals and values of the ODC.
The Open Dental Community was declared as a “Space Free From Stereotypes”.
MD Henry Diederich was elected as the first President of the ODC.
Today the Community unites the dental specialists from all over the world, who openly share their experience and observations within online network and during regular specialized meetings around the world.

Open Dental Community
Company Number: F11022
Incorporation Date: 31 October 2016
Company Type: Non-profitmaking organization

3A Sentier de l’Espérance
L-1474 Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg)


Past events:

2013-11-23 1st Congress in Minsk, Belarus
2014-05-31 Congress in Warsaw, Poland
2014-09-15 ODC Dental Work Camp in Marbella, Spain
2015-05-08/10 Congress in Turkey
2015-06-12 Congress in Bucharest
2015-08 Open Dental Community members meeting in Switzerland
2015-09-21/24 Clinical & hands-on training on one-piece ROOTT implants in Vigo, Spain
2015-10-08/11 Congress & Hands-on in Vienna
2015-11-07 Congrès pratique de ODC à Casablanca, Maroc
2015-09-09 ODC scientific board meeting
2016-03-01 ODC Eastern Europe department scientific meeting
2016-04-16 Implantes dentales ROOTT en la Institución Universitaria Mississi
2016-04-29/30 ODC conference in Vilnius, Lithuania 
2016-05-13/14 Conference and workshops in Valencia
2016-04-06 1st congress & Hands-on in Skopje
2016-07-17/18 ODC Workshop in Paris
2016-07-25 ODC scientific meeting
2016-08-21/22 Oral rehabilitation with one-piece implants, Romania
2016-11-26 Open Dental Community Conference in Palais des Congrès of Paris
2018-02-26 The First Implant Conference of the ODC in Malaysia
2018-02-14 First Implant Conference of ODC in Dubai
2018-08-16 1st Implant Conference of Open Dental Community in Zambia
2019-02-12 2nd Open Dental Community Middle East Congress, Dubai
2019-03-15 1st World ODC Congress, Bruhl, Germany
2019-10-01 Open Dental Community 2nd World Congress, Lisbon
2019-11-05 Grand Open Dental Community meeting in Abu-Dhabi
2019-11-01/02 Treatment Solutions for Complicated Clinical Cases, Baku, Azerbaijan
2019-11-25 Open Dental Community Meeting in Zurich
2019-11-29 Open Dental Community Conference in Paris, France
2020-01-20 Open Dental Community Meeting in Al-Ain
2020-02-05 3rd Middle East Congress of Open Dental Community, Dubai, UAE
2020-02-21 Progressive technologies in today’s dentistry, Almaty, Kazakhstan